Thinking “out of the box”

Today I just woke up with a desire to write down my thoughts.

I spent the night dreaming about travels (not mine, just confusing travels, you know whe you sleep what happened). When I woke up I just scrolled out my youtube inscriptions and I pressed play to a “PsycoTraveller”‘s new video where she talked about hostels and how she feels too old for them.

Well, I think the same. I’m “only” 26 years old but a lot is changed in the last year.
In 2016 I spent my year travelling alone around the world and I was sleeping most of time in hostels (sometimes in bus, so maybe better in hostel).
I met a lot of people, living with them (1 month, 2/3 weeks…).
In this time I was feeling good, really free and indipendent.
I was conscious I had only a bed and a little space to put my stuffs, but it seemed enough.

When I flew from Brisbane to New Delhi, I was sharing my room with an Australian woman, older than me. I had a amazing month in India, in the ashram when I learn Yoga. But, already then, my body was telling to myself: “darling, you need your private space“. It was like I was feeling my soul growing up.

Why I feel to old to stay in Hostel?
I just think now I have too much in my mind and I need my privacy.
My year is totally changed, when I travelled my mind was resetted and when I come back home I was a different person from before.

I spent another year pretending to have a “normal” life, but I know it doesn’t fix to me.

My desideres are changed: I dream about a family with the man I love, but I still dream about a life of satisfactions just doing what I really love.
I know I can accomplish, just remind yourself: “you can do it”.

I’m working for it.

I promised to myself I would never be considered “normal”.




How Yoga changed my life

I notice different reactions when I talk about my passion regarding Yoga.

Some people are looking at me like “Omg! You should be a really relaxed person…!”
Someone else just think that I am a crazy girl passioned about weird staff.
Most of them think that Yoga isn’t demanding and it is only about “candles and soft music”. I wonder show them the face of all groups I was training with! It was 1 hour and a half of killing gym and everyone was sweating so much on their yoga matt!

I personally think that Yoga is all about that, but not only!

I don’t praticse yoga 3 hours per day as I did during my training school. Someday 1 hour, other days only 30 or 20 minutes and sometime I don’t find neither a minute. Neverthless I consider myself a yogic girl. Why? Because Yoga is a lifestyle, yoga reflects in your personal view of the world. Which are the eyes though we see the world?

Yoga is more than physical exercise: it is all about your mind, your consiousness, your concentration and how much you love what you really do everyday!

I love yoga even if I can’t do yet some acrobatic and spectacular poses.
Yoga helped me to see the positivity in everything I do. I’m aware that I still full of defects, but every single fact happened in your life, bad or good, is a teaching to grew up, even if you are 89 years old!
The first lesson to learn about yoga is: be kind and be aware!

What I learn about my travel

Now I’m here in my beautiful house in Italy.
I said “beautiful” not because I live in a castle, villa or super house. Just because the people I share my home with.
During my 8 months of travel I learned a lot about myself.
I know that I can stay alone and be super happy; or be full of wrong people, and just feel lonely.

Sometimes I was feeling myself in a beautiful “gold cage“.

I suppose it’s the feeling when from outiside your life is amazing, but inside your heart you feel that you’re missing something.

My gold cage in Australia was when I decided to stop myself in a place in AU because I met some people. Wrong decision! I couln’t find a job there, ’cause was the wrong season. Also it was a little town and everything was so far away, so I was obliged to stay inside the house and adapt myself with completly different lifestyle. My wings were cutted…

Everything was a universe sign that was just telling me I was in the wrong place. A little voice was saying me all the time “honey, is not the place for you, just go and see the world until you want!”.

I didn’t listen the voice at the beginning and then days flowed more and more. After three months I just slapped my face! GO! Book a flight ticket and go to see the Australia you really want to explore!

From the Western Australia to Queensland! That’s what I did!
When I think again about the moment I bought the ticket I feel proud of myself! I have the confirmation that I’m a really free woman, I think only with my head!
The thing I learn the most? Travel is like a intensive course to learn how to live!


Go skydive! 

Australian Adventure!

My story in Australia starts the 14th January 2016. My first place was Perth: the most isolated city in the world in Western Australia!

I spent 4 months there: I worked as Au pair girl in a beautiful place called Yanchep, with amazing beaches and the Coral Reef Barrier! I spent 1 month there and then I moved to Fremantle where I worked in a street food company.

After I decided to escape from winter and I reached Cairns, a very hot town in the North of Queensland. I hope to find a farm work there to renovate my second year visa, but the season wasn’t right for girls… so I moved in Bundaberg where I started to pick tomatoes.


Ok, this is a really short essay to explain more or less my adventure here in Australia.

What I can’t describe is the story of the people I met. Everybody was different from each other and everyone has a different story to share. I am not saying that I met only great and cool people! Not at all! I met a lot of strange guys and people that I have to stay far far away.

But I wanted to travel because everything you do is an experience. You can grow up, be the happiest person in the world or sometimes became disappointed.

My first 5 months aren’t the best in my life… I spent a lot days sad and nostalgic!

Travel alone isn’t easy but one day I can say: I tried a lot of things in my life.

How to learn about failure

Imagine you are abroad, far far far away from home. You can’t do substantially nothing.

A new job, in a different country.

You have no particular skills and yes, you speak the language, but not like a Mother tongue.

You have a degree in your country, but you can’t spent there.

So… the only thing you can do is content yourself to do what you can find.

I tried to do what I never did in my entire life. I tried to be a waitress in a restaurant too much “chic”. Yes, I didn’t know where is the exactly place you put knife and fork and the staff was really unhelpful to me. But anyway I say “Thank you” because they gave me the opportunity to challenge myself and for sure I learned something new.

I am doing this journey and this experience abroad to challenge myself and grow up outside my society. I tried to see a new world and meet new people.

People aren’t always kind and the only thing you can do is trust yourself.

When you are “down” you have to remember that everything happens for a reason. For example I destroyed a car absolutely not mine, but everything was come later was pure magic.

I think the whole life is a journey and sometimes I focus on myself and I realize that I’m really lucky to be here. I had the brave to come here alone and leave everything in my country completely there.

Nostalgia is the same word in Italian to describe a situation of sickness about your home and you know what I say? Thank you for feel nostalgia about my family and my country because it means that I grow up in a beautiful place with amazing people around me.

…and always remember: failure doesn’t mean defeat 😉

How to Be happier

About one year and a half ago, I started to think about my life and I discover a different way to choose my thoughts.

It was a very strange period for me and I become addicted to “The law of Attraction” It was very helpful for me and I realized my dreams.

  1. Be more thoughtful.  Take the time (in the morning while you drinking your coffee) when you can focus on your dreams. Ask yourself if you are happy where you are and choose carefully your thinks. How feel yourself if in this moment the Genie of the Lamp comes to you and realizes not only 3 desires, but everything you really want?
  2. Focus on what you have and be grateful. Probably you are born in the luckier part of the world. You probably have a bed where you can sleep every night and every day you can take a shower.
  3. Write a diary and make a list of the wondeful people that you met in your entire life. Maybe you forget your first teacher or your first best friend in the primary school. Even if you are not in contact with them anymore, every persons you met gave you some amazing memory. diary1
  4. Do only what you really want. You have the power to decide of your life. If your job makes you unhappy, think intensely what you can do to improve it and why you are unsatisfatied. Maybe you are not in a good relationship with your boss or with your colleagues but you really love what you are doing.
  5. Eat well. We are what we eat. If you eat only junk food, you can’t expect to be healty and fit. Think about your body as a temple. You will become what you’re eating. frutta
  6. Be sociable only when you really want. Don’t let people to decide for you. If you don’t feel comfortable in some situations, change.
  7. Be conscious that you are the only resposible for your life. Everything happens in your life is your responsability. Try to learn from your mistakes.
  8. Use your body in all ways you can. Move, dance and don’t be care what people can think. The only important opinion is from you. dance

120 days more or less…

Hi guys!

Today I want talk about my first 4 months experience in Australia.

The most interesting part to be here is that things change constantly.

My adventure started in the middle of the first month of the year! Yes, it was 14th January when I arrived in this amazing continent.

At first, I realized that I was so far far far away from home, and it was also a reason that I chose Australia. Be so far from home sounds that you’re really challenge. When you have a “bad” moments, you have to think a lot before come back. It’s not like in Europe: everywhere you are in few hours you will be there. But here you need minimum 19 hours of travel. It’s a treatment for impulsive people like me…

I spent my first days in hostel in Perth that I booked in Italy. I enjoyed for many days the summer in Perth and it was really fantastic comparing that in the same time in my city was the most cold month of the year!

I stayed in the hostel for 2 weeks in total and then I found a job as au pair in a beautiful place north of Perth, in Yanchep. There were amazing beaches and very relaxing… maybe too much! There was nothing excluded beaches and I decide to move in Fremantle to enjoy the rest of the summer. Here I met a lot of people, the majority from my origin country. Obviously it is comfortable in one side because you feel home when you talk with people with your same culture. Otherwise, it is not very good for your improvement of English.

My first 4 months in Western Australia are confusing: I changed many houses and I met different people. Ohterwise I think that it’s time to change place while the winter is coming. My plan is to do my 88 days of farm work to renew the Working Holiday Visa.

If I had to describe myself probably, I would choose many different animals: like a chameleon I can adapt myself in every situation; like a wild horse I like to be free.

The description of my mother maybe fits better on me:  “You are like a swallow loving the sun, following the summer and free to fly”. (Mums are always right 😉 )


When you have the chance to travel, you can feel the beauty of the life.

Hello Fremantle!

DSC00504 Today I want to tell about a lovely little town in Western Australia, where I actually live!

The city is named after Captain Charles Fremantle, the English naval officer who established a camp at the site on 2 May 1829.

Even if the real name is “Fremantle”, the majority of the people call it with the diminutive “Freo”.

It is a multicultural centre, but I think the most of people’s nationality is Italian. There are a lot of Italian Restaurant where you can try the best food in the World!

Ok, I am Italian so maybe is for that reason that I promote my food culture… but come on, have you ever tried the real Italian Pizza? I can assure you that it is the best.

In Freo there is the largest working port of Western Australia, “The Inner Harbour”.

If you want to relax yourself during summer time, Freo is a perfect location. “South Beach” is a very wonderful place where you sunbath and go for a swim in the Ocean. Every Saturday they organise a typical market near the beach where you can taste different kind of food e enjoy the live music.


Transports are very well organised with the Blue and Red Cat: a total free line that can usher you along this charming city. You can catch the bus in front of the Railway Station.

There are also others bus line organised by “Transperth” or if you live in Perth, you can catch easily the train.

If you drive, you must know that all parks in city centre are not free, so I personally recommend choosing bus or train.

I love this city, but I want also advise you that if you love the nightlife, maybe is not the place for you. This is the perfect place if you want relax and enjoy the food with your family and friends.

From WA,


Sulla mia strada

Caro X,
il mio pensiero arriva, viaggia e a quanto pare ti raggiunge.
Tra tante cose che potevo fare, io sognavo l’Australia. Ora sono qui, oggi sono esattamente due mesi e devo scegliere la mia direzione.
La gente non capisce, è meglio che nessuno sa quello che ti passa la testa. Sarai sempre tu, e solo tu. Nasci solo e solo andrai. Devi volere bene a tutti, ma essere consapevole che sei tu quella che vale davvero per te stessa.
Esperienze, avventure, emozioni: questo è ciò che cercavo qui in questo continente. Devo assolutamente andare a trovare queste cose. Non posso fermarmi qui in un posto senza progredire ed andare avanti. Devo marciare e continuare ad andare.

Devo focalizzarmi su ciò che è veramente importante per me e per il mio futuro. 

L’amore è fantastico se solo riuscissi a concentrarmici. Devo ricordarmi che siamo solo io e me stessa. Nessun altro riesce ad intromettersi in questa storia.

E’ la realtà. Non riesco a stare ferma in un posto. Oggi o domani, devo correre ed andare.

Imparare sempre cose nuove.

When you don’t know

If you need a presentation, I can provide you ones.

I’m a Italian girl around the world, in this moment in Australia! Exactly in Western Australia around Perth.

Everyone says me: “why Perth?” And I really don’t know why!

Why Perth and not Sydney as the others backpackers?

Because I would to be different and don’t copy other lives. I had nobody known here in this country and for me was the same Perth or other big cities.

Maybe because when I was in Italy choosing the place to land the flight I’ve read that Perth assures 360 days of sun in one year! So, for me sounded really amazing because I came from Turin, the city that assures 300 days of grey in one year… big difference!

Anyway I don’t want to speak bad about the place where I grew up. I like and I love Italy and also Turin is amazing! It’s a mystic and magic city where are focused the forces of Evil and Good at the same time.

If anyone is planning a trip in Italy, I can recommend Turin.

So my adventure in Australia started the 14 January when I landed in Perth during a sunny and hot day. Everything was perfect and also sleeping with other unknown people in a hostel was inspiring . I recommend to stay in a hostel during the first days because you can know other people as you very quick and go around the city to explore the new country. Also for improve the language I think is really helping!

Today is the 1st March and I’m looking for a job around Fremantle. The first month I worked in a family as au pair but I decided to quick it because I’m not sure to love too much stay with screaming children in place where there is nothing to do except stay on the beach. Beautiful beach, but very boring after few weeks!

So now I’m with friends in a flatshare around Fremantle while I’m looking for a job.

What kind of job are you looking for? Whatever.

I think that the fear of ignote don’t belong to me. I’d like to do everything come to me. I believe too much in fate! 😉

I met great people from other country and also italian people as well.

I think that Italian people here are different from the others. I think that people here are passionate about life and more challenging!

I like travellers as me! Maybe my place in the world is simply the world. Maybe I don’t belong to Italy and neither to Australia. Maybe I will spend my life travelling with a big smile on my face.

If anyone asks me if during my first month I had bad moment I will answer of course YES! But I really happy and grateful that I’m here only with myself. I think that before love someone else in a relationship, you have to love yourself, because you’re the only person that for sure you have to spend your life with! So, do what you really want to do and ignore what people around you impose you to do !

Simply be free and be yourself! 😀